Important Announcement

 The organizers of Tritium 2022 conference ask you to understand that despite all the problems that have been going on for too long (COVID-19) and others that are emerging, we are still moving forward with the conference.

If the participants of the Tritium 2022 conference will be in large numbers on-site, then we will have at our disposal the entire conference area of ​​the hotel (halls, seminar rooms, exhibition foyer, etc.). In this way, sanitary measures will be much more effective.

It is clear that in many countries there are strict regulations regarding the movement of their own citizens abroad. It goes without saying that these sanitary measures against COVID-19 are normal at this time.

It should also be understood that this conference, Tritium 2022, cannot be feasible with a very large number of online participants. The facilities of the conference rooms allow online presentations via the Internet but a very large number of such participants can make it almost impossible to organize a conference program for the on-site participants.

 In the end, please consult the sanitary measures that will be available at Tritium 2022 conference, at this link.

In view of all these considerations and in the hope that the restrictive measures will soon be relaxed, we extend the Early pay period from 15th of April 2022 to the 5th of September, 2022.

Also, we are pleased to announce that we have prepared another option for paying Tritium 2022 conference fees, an online electronic payment platform. We organized this platform on the ICSI website and payment can only be made individually for each participant.

To make the payment online, please access the following link: